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Home Reports

By law a Home Report is required, prior to putting any home on the market.

The procedure for instructing a home report is simple and various financial options are available to assist with the payment of the home report.

Q1: What is included within a Home Report ?

A- A Home Report includes a comprehensive survey of the property, an Energy Efficiency Report and a Property Questionnaire which is completed by the seller. In many cases a valuation certificate is also included which can be used for mortgage purposes.

Q2: When it is necessary to have a Home Report ?
A- All properties which are placed on the open market from 1st December 2008 must have a Home Report.

Q3: Do I need a Home Report if my property was on the market prior to 1st December 2008 ?
A – If you have been continuously marketing your property you will not need a Home Report. However if there has been a break in the marketing of your property, you will need a Home Report .

Q4: Who creates the Home Report ?
A- Home Reports are created by Chartered Surveyors, Arran Property have several surveyors who visit the Island on a regular basis.

Q5: If I am selling my property without the use of an Estate Agent, do I still need a Home Report ?
A – Yes, under Part 3 of the Housing Scotland Act 2006, the person responsible for the marketing of the property must provide a Home Report to a prospective purchaser.

Q6 : Does the Home Report have a “shelf life” ?
A – Legislation does not specify a shelf life for a Home Report, and this reflects the legislation for surveys. The decision of whether a Home Report required to be updated rest with the sellers, the buyers and their legal advisers.

Q7: Who pays for a Home Report ?

A – Most Surveyors now have various method of paying for the Home Report, some options defer payment for a period of 6 months and others until the property is sold.