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The Scottish Legal System

The Scottish Legal System

1: When you have located a property of interest, you will require the services of a Scottish Solicitor to act on your behalf. Your Solicitor will be able to “note interest” in the property on your behalf and, if the property goes to a closing date, we shall contact your selected Solicitor, so that an offer can be submitted.

2: We recommend that you obtain a survey report and a mortgage approval on a property before submitting an offer. On many occasions offers “subject to survey” or “subject to mortgage” shall be rejected, until the survey has been carried out or the finance has been confirmed to be in place.

3: It is our normal practice to have a closing date for all properties and if you are interested in a property it is therefore crucial that you advise us of your interest so that you can be advised of the closing date. At that time you will be asked to submit your offer, all offers are opened and read and their details are passed to the sellers. It is normal that the sellers will select the offer with the highest price with the most suitable entry date However, sellers are not bound to accept the highest or indeed any offer received at a closing date.

4; Should you wish to submit an offer which is to be held until the closing date, we shall undertake to only disclose your offer to the seller at the time of the close.

5: On occasions, if all offers, which have been received, are rejected. All potential purchasers may be asked to resubmit a revised offer for consideration.

6: When offers are received we attempt to obtain an indication of acceptance or otherwise as soon as possible. However, many properties are sold my families and in these cases it may take several days to receive instructions on whether an offer is acceptable.